Elements is an interactive artwork designed to support movement assessment and rehabilitation for patients recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Brain injured patients frequently exhibit impaired upper-limb function including reduced range of motion and accuracy of reaching, and inability to grasp and lift objects or to perform fine motor movements. The Elements responds to this level of disability by using an intuitive tabletop workspace that affords basic gestural control.

Elements provide the patient with a suite of playful software applications for composing with sounds and visual feedback that promote artistic activity. Painting and sound mixing is expressed through the patient’s upper limb control of soft graspable user interfaces. These environments are designed to evoke the patient’s interests in practicing otherwise limited movement skills.

Through playful interaction, users can seek out new effects, sounds and visual features to see how they work. By doing so, patients discover new ways of relating to their body and relearn their movement capabilities in a self-directed fashion.

This system consists of a horizontal tabletop graphics display, an integrated vision-based tracking system, wireless Tangible User Interfaces and 3D computer game authoring software. Patient’s movements can be tracked and recorded over time for later analysis







Dr Jonathan Duckworth – Artist, Designer
Professor Peter H. Wilson – Lead Psychologist
Professor Patrick Thomas – Lead Psychologist
Professor David Shum – Neuropsychologist / Cognitive Neuroscientist
Dr Nick Mumford - Psychologist
Ross Eldridge – Software Application Developer
Nina Bennett – Graphic Designer (Design Support)



Supported by a Synapse Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant through the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its Arts funding and advisory body. A special thanks to Dr Lisa Dethridge, Dr Damian Schofield, Dr Heiko Rudolph and Raymond Lam for their input during the project. Dr Gavin Williams for facilitating the patient studies at Epworth Hospital



Australia Council for the Arts
Australian Research Council
RMIT University, School of Media and Communication, Health Sciences
Australian Catholic University
Griffith University
Epworth Hospital