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Embracelet is a prototype bracelet designed to build handgrip strength for patients recovering from traumatic brain injury. Many people with injuries affecting the neuromuscular system require physical therapy within the scope of their rehabilitation. The ability to enhance the rehabilitative process following cerebral injury is one of the great challenges for therapists.

We consider how collaborative, cooperative and competitive interactions might be developed The ‘soft’ graspable device provides tactility and visual aesthetic feedback based on grip strength. The strength of the patients grip corresponds to the number of lights activated on the bracelet. The aim of the device is to provide a tangible bridge between therapeutic and daily environments to stimulate the recovering patient. Its aesthetic aims to challenges the unhelpful assumptions and stereotypes that surround clinical environments and the recovery process per se.


Stirling Silver
Plater Brass
Cubic Zirconium
Electroluminescent Strips

Research Team

A/Prof Jonathan Duckworth


Originally developed at the ANAT reSkin workshop hosted by the Australian National University School of Art, the Centre for New Media Arts (CNMA) in association with Craft Australia. Supported by RMIT, Australia Council for the Arts and Nanotechnology Victoria. A special thanks to Catherine Truman (Artist), Gavin Anderson (Jeweler), Nicholas Barkolias (Diamond Setter), and Kathy Sarhanis in the making of this work.

Supported by

Australia Council for the Arts
RMIT University