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Wildly Oscillating Molecules

Wildly Oscillating Molecules was a creative-practice based research project that brought filmmaking and nanoscientific visualisation processes together.

The impetus for the project was the question of how a filmmaker could work at the nanoscale — a world so small that lightwaves visible to humans and cameras are too large to be used for visualising nanoscale phenomena.

I adopted and disrupted the instrumentation and techniques of nanoscientists at the Micro Nano Research Facility at RMIT University, and integrated them with filmmaking processes. By developing a technique I call endurance microscopy, I constructed videos using a microscope that interacts with nanoscale phenomena via the tactile, rather than the optical, sense.

The experimental videos and moving image installations made during this project explore the multisensory experience of the nanoscale and the complex technological mediation that is the only way to make this infinitesimal world perceptible to humans.  


Research Team

Andrea Rassell