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Ross Eldridge

Senior Programmer and Software Developer for CiART. 

Ross Eldridge is a creative coder and programmer who has formed a long-term extensive collaboration with A/Prof Jonathan Duckworth with over 15 years of experience developing interactive applications and digital artworks. Eldridge explores the technical side of creating real-time interactive visual and audio experiences. His primary experience is in developing interactive virtual environments, input tracking systems and real-time 3D graphics programming. He uses his expertise in programming languages such as C#, C/C++ and HLSL, along with a passion for reactive and generative visual and audio artworks, to develop and realise creative projects. 

Eldridge’s work also spans both arts and science in the development of software for tangible and touch screen systems, with a focus on motor function rehabilitation for people with an acquired brain injury in collaboration with the Australian Catholic University and RMIT.