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Resonant Webs

Resonant Webs is an arts and cultural collaboration between RMIT University and Ritsumeikan University to develop a proof-of-concept live online public sound and visual performance aimed at enhancing the participation of artists and individuals with a disability in the arts industry in Australia and Japan. This project builds upon common interests between the researchers who explore inclusive design and rehabilitation technologies for populations with motor and cognitive impairment. The project includes two community arts organisations, JOLT (AU) and Slow Label (JP), and artists The Amplified Elephants (a sound art ensemble with intellectual disability) and vocalist and singer Ryoko Aoki.  

The scope of the project is to develop a performance using online technologies to facilitate participation across international borders. Our research investigates viable processes that can sustain the artists in using technology to create virtual performances. These processes consider the individuals’ perspectives on interactive technology, and the flexibility of online media that enables the artists to participate and feel included in community activities.  Providing virtual online space for intercultural dialogue and performance to occur can promote a sense of agency for the individual and the development of competencies that can be carried forward. Our contribution is a work in progress toward a longer-term research investigation to understand participation in the context of interaction design and community art to foster inclusion and contribute to positive change in personal (and collective) well-being. 

Research Team

A/Prof Jonathan Duckworth 

A/Prof Shigenori Mochizuki 

Dr James Hullick 

Ross Eldridge 


Resonant Webs is supported by grant funding from the Australia Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Toyota Foundation D19-ST-0015 (Interactive Arts and Disability: Creative Rehabilitation and Activity for Individuals with a Disability), and JSPS 17K00740.